When I look back, I feel safe.

When I look ahead, I feel worried.

Anand Dham

An Abode for Persons with
intellectual Disabilities

Anand Dham evokes happy emotions.
It provides an ambience which welcomes specially chosen children of God.

Individuals who are warm, expressive, innocent and who explore life in their own unique way.

Who need love and care to deal with their special needs. Who can shine in the comfort of a happy home, which they can call their own for a lifetime.

Who can bond with their mates and celebrate life. Whose special abilities are embraced as Gods will.

a ray of hope to Parents
as it offers life-time care
for children with special
needs in a safe environment

Besides playing a
productive role,
they also play, sing,
go on picnics and engage in
diverse cultural activities

Our Documentary

Watch this documentary to know more about the journey of Ananddham, its activities, and future plans.

Let’s Hear What the
Parents & Guardians Have to Say

It would be OUR pleasure
to have you as a
visitor at Anand Dham