Club House &
Guest Rooms

A Clubhouse is a restorative environment for people who have had their lives disrupt due to constant engagement and need the alternative to recovery from the stressful life.

An 'Anand Dham Clubhouse' is a place to support families and individuals living with persons with Intellectual disabilities. Through membership in a Clubhouse, people are given the opportunities to join with the family with special needs, opportunities to re-join worlds of friendships, opportunities to exchange feelings, and to access the recreational services and relax they may individually need.

We are happy to invite families who have a person with Intellectual disabilities in their family and want to avail a membership for Clubhouse.

The clubhouse is equipped with Guest rooms like hotel.

A prime objective of the guest rooms is to provide accommodation facilities to the parents who wish to visit Anand Dham before they took decide to acquire the admission for their loved ones on campus. They must pay a nominal charge to obtain stay facility. Their comfort and pleasant stay at the campus will provide them the opportunity to explore the campus and its facilities and help them to encourage their confidence in the institute that the residual life of their son/daughter would remain happy in the safest hands at the right place.


It would be a pleasure to have you as a visitor at Ananddham . We would like you to fill up the details below and submit it and we will organise a visit for you.

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