Society for Welfare of the Mentally Retarded

About Us

Nearly 50 years ago, very few knew about mentally challenged individuals. At that time there were barely two or three organizations in Ahmedabad addressing the needs of these special individuals. These organizations were largely initiatedby parents of these special children who tried to run the organization with their individual and collective understanding of the needs of these children. This group of people worked together to nurture this fledging effort and as time went by a structured and formal organization SOCIETY FOR THE WELFARE OF THE MENTALLY RETARDED was established in 1968.

In this field, specialist professionals, teachers, caretaker etc are facilitated and recognized for their contribution and given away awards through SWMR.

Associates and stakeholders meet regularly every first and third Sunday.

‘MANSI’ addresses the problem of children and their parents/ guardian, who in turn work to create awareness among the masses through this publication.

The needs of challenged child continuously change as he or she grows, and these problems need to be continuously addressed and solved proactively.

  • Once these children have completed their functional academic training, is there a future for them?
  • Is there a way to integrate them into society as productive citizens?
  • Are there ways to make them independent and economically self-sufficient individuals?

Today SWMR has more than 700 members which include parents and well-wishers.

This is an enlightened body, active and committed to the welfare of these special individuals.

Activities carried out by SWMR

  • To Conduct various seminars.
  • To Conduct frequent Parents Meeting.
  • To Arrange Cultural Activities.
  • To Organize Sports Day.
  • To Arrange Drawing Competition.
  • To Celebrate Navratri and other Festivals.
  • To Organize Award Function.